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Originally Posted by shah269
So he looked like this and she looked like this?
You sure it wasn't two gay guys or two lesbians?
Well it's engineering so...two lesbians?

Don't feel bad for them, odds are they graduated in under 2 months they were promoted to upper middle management and are now making $100k a year.

Engineering women are like women in mens supermax prison.
Regardless if she has a vag or not or any talent....she will be pushed up fast and hard!

So you get made fun of in all other threads so you come bash mine?GTFO of here. I was simply asking for an opinion by NOT going to Engineering school but rather getting a MBA in the concentrations above. So stop your stupid rant, and don't try to bash me with your dumb comments. I don't need you, to save my "ass." And read what I write before you actually reply.