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Originally Posted by 1SICKM
Originally Posted by Mike@VAC
Yes, I think 10.5 is possible at full weight with a 625hp kit, DCT, ET Streets.

Last year, we simply bolted on the LL and put ET Streets on a spare set of APEX wheels. Didn't touch the beat TCKs or make any was literally our 2nd time to the strip with the car. Our car now has stock seats, Nitron triple adj suspension/1200lb springs and a 3.64 rear. It was kinda setup for road racing before, now its all our road course friendly. It may run 12s, who knows LOL.

Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Mike is it possible to hit a 10.5 with full weight ? Meaning no race seats .

You guys being road course and mechanical guys simply means you know how to perfectly setup a car for any event to achieve a solid time .
Mike- how do you like the rear in the low and midrange? Don't u think it would help at the strip ?
The ratio really helps on the road course and street. Haven't had it on the strip but it could help there too.
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