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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
Those transmissions you're talking about are not automatic transmissions, they are dual clutch transmissions that have an automatic mode. In order to reap the benefits you mention on the track they must be operated in a manual mode which requires the driver to shift. The car mentioned in the post doesn't have either. It would source the existing six-speed auto already in use. Automatic cars on a track are lame, dual clutch cars on a track are fast and for the most part fun, traditional manuals on a track take skill and driver involvement to master, thus the reason purists still like them.

Hey not everybody can drive a manual the right way nor do some people even care about driver involvement. Those that can and do might prefer to be fully engaged rather than shaving .5 sec off a lap at 10/10ths.

As for video game driving, last time I checked an xbox or ps3 controller was only controlled by your hands. Sounds a lot like those other transmissions you were talking about.

Bring the RS6 avant in a manual and I will buy one, even if I am one of the 7 people left on earth who prefer one. That thing is awesome.
My mistake, you're right. A DCT driven like a manual isn't likely to reap the same MPG benefits that a full auto will (mostly because people are just naturally inclined to stay in lower gears for longer periods of time when given the opportunity, whereas an automatic transmission is always looking to put you into a high, gas-conserving gear). I used "automatic" in my last post but I really meant "DCT" (or equivalent - anything that allows you to manually choose and hold gears with steering wheel-mounted paddles).

I certainly agree with fully automatic transmissions being lame in general (particularly on the track). No disagreement there.