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I think you are a kid.
I don't want to sound paternalistic in any way, but you should give more credit to someone who was already involved in two BIG car accidents and was lucky enough to not get hurt bad or badly hurt someone else and lucky enough to learn that I was young and foolish.

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Then, you comparisions with drinking is so wrong. Drifting is not chance, like driving drunk and not getting involved in an accident. It is ability.
Drifting in those conditions is pure gamble, a game of luck... and a dangerous one!

For two obvious reasons: 1) you can't predict what the others are going to do; 2) you have NO right to take a public road for yourself.

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More, your argument about the BMW is so wrong. A BMW does not stand out at all, unless bling-bling or completly modded, but then I'm not sure it looks good. You seem to be a badge whore. Your way of thing about BMW is like prefering a BMW because it gets you more chics than a Toyota. But a Porsche can get even more than a BMW, and a Lamborghini even more than a Porsche.
I only gave you the BMW example because it's cheaper than everything else you've just mentioned even with mods and I know you are just a lad trying to make his first money.

I envy you...