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Josephus is not the only historian as I pointed out, and one "lousy" paragraph is the tip of the iceberg. I used your references to point on the errors in them. Look up Thallus, he is not referenced on your website and referenced to Jesus.

Canann's reaction as opposed to his brothers reaction is what was wrong. He merely saw his dad, and did nothing to protect him from shame. His brothers, upon hearing this from Canaan, protect their father. Furthermore, it was Noah who punished him, not God.

Lastly, there is no point in going back and forth with these arguments. The existence of God and the basis of Christianity cannot be won through this bickering, because we could go on forever and there are thousands of historians and scholars for more intellectual than both of us on BOTH sides spouting the same thing. In the end, neither of us will be the wiser, nor friendlier towards one another, and that is not my intention. I do not understand where your animosity and hatred towards Christians is coming from for you to continue to spout mockery, but that doesn't stop me from respecting your efforts in doing your own studying.