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Could you elaborate a bit more on how you removed side cushions? I rocked them side-to-side and can't pull them out. They are definetely not coming out at the top even with the backresr folded..

Originally Posted by lukester View Post
Did the "job" today for the first time as this is my first e92.
The trick is to pull the side cushions on top first.
The rest is easy going.
And no...this is not a setup for daily driving.
Exhaust sound got a little bit better. The good thing. No drone or rattle or anything.
Can be your daily driver setup if you don't have issues with the look.

What I'm wondering. I removed all screws of the big black plastic trunk base plate (the one with the yellow sticker on) but I couldn't pull it out. It wasn't anything obviously holding it back from the top or the side....even when pulling hard it didn't come out. Seems to me that it's glued in or there have to be some screws from underneath. If anybody has an idea...let me know.