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I got it after noticing that the chip issues on my M3's front bumper were as bad after 6 months as my previous car's (08 Acura TL Type-S) were after 3 times that long! BMW uses some seriously soft paint. I got the front bumper, headlights, and mirrors done for $540, which included a discount since I got tint at the same time. Didn't do the hood since I think the seam looks ugly, and yeah I have a few chips at the edge of my hood, but in that case I agree that constant bad looks from a seam is worse than minor chip issues over time.

But on my Le Mans you can only see the lines at the very edge of the panels. And even then only at a distance of a few inches when you know it's there. If you don't know it's there and/or you're looking at it normally, no chance you'll see it on my car.
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