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Why can't the m3 do this?

So I must admit I am pretty shocked and it has really made me question what the heck is going on with bmw. I never believed the 1 series really was going to be as roomy as the m3. I also didn't believe it about the old and new 6 series. This is until I recently drove both including having a 1 series (not 1m) for a week.

The 1 series has MORE interior room upfront than the 3 and also barely less leg room.

So I ask--where the heck is this overall size and weight coming from and why is it needed? There is no reason they could not take a 1 series size chassis, redesign and update a similar one and build a 3 series and m3 off of this. Let alone the 6 series in which it already has LESS room inside than the 1 series yet it weights 4100 pounds??? Why do these cars have to be so big

I initially thought, ok...people prefer more space and technology in their cars so they are growing. Well I clearly learned you have more space and tech in a 1 series cockpit so that is no reason to make the entire car bigger.

I really don't get it. My question is for this generation m4, why not take the current 1 series chassis and build a car off of that for the m4

I do get for the 3 series or non-m cars the longer wheelbase and such is desirable for ride comfort and compliance but nonetheless I feel they are way beyond what is noticable in additional comfort in ride.

Obviously I am not including people who want a bigger back seat although really the difference in the 1 and 3 backseat was marginal and neither are really comfortable for an adult

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