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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
How much? Are we talking $500? Or $1500? If the later, not sure I'd get a bra over a quality respray if I was concerned about rock chips.
Originally Posted by Franken///M View Post
I have the entire front bumper, hood, front quarter panels, rock guard and rear quarter panels done over an year ago. The only place you can tell there is something there is at the seams/edges if you are not careful and don't clean up any wax residue. If you get really close, <1 ft you can tell that something is on there if you are looking at it. For me, any downside with having the clear bra is worth the protection it provides.
Originally Posted by Eau Rouge View Post
Basic install, typically dealer arranged or third party using film of their choice for partial hood, front bumper, maybe mirrors will be in $800-$1k range in my area. The films vary, maybe it's Starshield or something by Bekaert or other.

For a custom install, figure on around $2k and up for a custom install with top drawer film. For around $2k, you should be able to get full front bumper, full fenders, full hood, mirrors and maybe something extra. Roof, trunk lid, rear bumper, rocker panels, rear wheel arches, etc.., can be added. Of course, if you have two cars that you want to have clear bra'd, you can probably get better pricing.
Thanks for your thoughts, all very helpful. It's true a quality respray is about 550 for either hood, bumper, and therefore it comes out to be about the same between that and a quality full coverage clear bra.