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I am looking for a M3 and i have heard the V10 M5 when cold and its not a comforting sound, but i have never heard an V8 M3 (cold or otherwise) engine sound. Are the noisy when cold and how should it sound when at operating temp?
Originally Posted by sy2767 View Post
Read my previous posts idiot!! I'm car shopping and want opinions on what "abnormal" engine sounds to listen for while looking at cars, (engine knock etc...) im not complaining about how loud they are, take the time to read all the previous posts before making a stupid comment trying to make yourself sound cool....
That's not very nice! I was referring to the very first post on the thread, which I and highlighted in red above. As so, I was giving you an answer to your question with a bit of humor. Try not to take forums so seriously my friend. Besides, the Prius is a very ECO friendly car.

On a more serious note, you should listen for a high revving V8 naturally aspirated engine. Smooth ride with little to no sound being that its a BMW with a high price tag. The M3 is known for being the more road noisy car of BMW's for the fact that they sacrificed some sound proofing material to save in weight. If you hear anything other than engine and tire noise you should try to pinpoint the noise and have them check it out. The cold start is a loud metallic process that last maybe two minutes and unfortunately its gone. I hope that helps.

Keep your head up champ!

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