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Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
The MDrive will engage which ever setting you choose on the MDrive menu.

The S1, S2 etc refer to the speed of the transmission, how fast it shifts. The higher the number the faster the shift. Most folks have their MDrive set to S5 or S6. S6 is only available with the MDrive button on.

In the MDrive menu you choose a setting for each variable, S5 or S6 for the transmission, Power On, etc. When you have those variables set , those become the settings when you press the M button. Hit the M button again and the car reverts back to what ever settings you were in, S4, D4 etc.
OK so now I am understanding. So the mdrive menu on the idrive screen is 1 setting only. that will be the one setting that is engaged when the m button is pressed.

How do I know what the "normal" settings are currently (i.e. when I disengage the m button)? I don't know how to check what the every day normal settings are?