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Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey View Post
Yes I do work at a BMW store you can check out my rating, I am Certified and have a 99% percent customer satisfaction rating at BMW as well as
Do tell me if you can what position do you hold at your establishment?

How would you provide service to a stranded Canadian driver on a vacation trip should he drive up to your dealership and tell you

"I have a crack in my rear wheel of my new Z4 with RFT"

Would you tell him for example ...

"Sorry US and Canadian Warranty coverage is not the same and I can offer you only two choices,

A - we can have roadside services tow you to the nearest Canadian BMW dealership it is about 800 miles north from here or

B - we can order a new wheel for you and then ship the cracked wheel to the dealership of your choice.

What would you like us to do?

Naturally I opted for the new wheel to be mounted. So it was ordered and I paid for it some $700- dollars.

All the dealership then did drive my car in to there shop and check the wheel details (BMW Style 296 wheel) add some air into my leaking wheel and tell me "call us once you found a hotel so we can call you once the wheel arrives"

After one day wait in a hotel room I was called to tell me that the wheel arrived.

Once I was at the dealership I wanted to hand over my key and was told "Sorry we don't change wheels here we don't have the equipment this work is done at a local tire shop here in town"

So I followed the Parts manager and my new wheel to the tire shop down the street. The parts manager unloaded the wheel, interdicted me to the tire shop manager and then promptly left.

Naturally I was worried about my other wheels on my new car at that time only had just past 10,000 miles on the odomete. So I asked for the rest of the wheels to be taken off the car and checked for cracks. To my surprice the other rear wheel of my car had a hairline crack since it still heald the tire pressure I decided to do nothing and chance the drive home (some 2000 miles east from where I was).

I watched thru the glass two fellows removing my RFT from the rim with help of two tire irons, something told me man that cannot be right. Once the fellows were done they put my cracked wheel into a plastic bag and parked it in my two seater front passengier seat for the long ride home.

Once back home in Canada my dealership changed my rear wheel with the hairline crack without question. However, the one changed in the USA at IDAHO FALLsS BMW assigned tire shop was declared bend and over the runout limits set by BMW.

On close examination of the wheel I found four gauge marks left by the two tire irons in the designated BMW tire shop down the street from the dealership.

So after six months trying to explain to BMW Canada and BMW NA Customer Relations the above situation I was told "your wheel is bend"

So I simply gave up and I now have one of the most expensive garden hose holders on my street.

Now I told you this true story to see if you would declare this to be top notch service provided by BMW emplyiees that are 99% Certifyed like yourself?

How would you have handled this? Would you for example ...

Offerd the customer to help him locate a hotel room?

Offers him a rental while keeping the car in your dealership checking all the wheels.

Made sure that the point about warrenty being different in the US and Canada is correct? (It was found to be wrong later when I got back home).

As a Certifyed dealer would you not have made sure that the wheel change out was done properly without the use of tire irons?

Checked all the wheels for cracks?

Keep in mind the service provided to me in the US was by the Service Manager and Parts Manager ... In Canada as well as BMW Customer Relations on both side of the border all Supervisors. I wonder what there Customer Satisfaction percentage might be.

Needless to say my respect to dealerships has faded after driving BMW's for 25 years.

The bottom line to all this is there are dealerships and then there are dealerships in the end it is up to us to find the right one.
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