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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
From what I'm told, if you've got certain aftermarket exhausts (and especially if you're running catless), the cold start is so loud that it's oppressive to you and everyone within a 1-block radius or so and is thus no longer fun. But I have a stock exhaust and agree that it's one of my favorite features of the car; I wish there were a way to tune it to do that every time.

To the OP, there are two elements of the cold start experience that you may be referring to. The first is that when started cold, the engine idles at a higher RPM (around 1100) for roughly 30 seconds. And the second is that for roughly 60 seconds after starting the engine, there's a metallic layer to the exhaust note. It's more easily noticed with the windows down and you'll definitely notice if you're idling when it goes away because the transition to a quiet smooth-running sound is abrupt. And for those first 30 seconds where you have the metallic sound AND a fast idle, you've got a pretty loud car.

And it's awesome.
I am so doing this in the condo garage this morning.

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