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looks like you have no proof fobunited - you are using my references and you have the gall to tell me that I should not read multiple sources of history.

One lousy paragraph supposedly written by Josephus and first referenced in 400AD. Give me a break! Josephus never bothered making fun of Jesus by the way.... Care to give a reference? I will drop Jesus. Jesus is as relevant as is the Tooth Fairy in this thread.

Coming back to God being unjust. God is perfect - right? So I have to only prove it being unjust just once to destroy "The God Delusion."

What do you have to say about Canaan being punished because his daddy Ham saw his granddad Noah sh*t faced and nudie dancing? Cannan wasn't there and did no wrong. What an unjust God!! This God is unjust and thus imperfect. This is a false God.