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Originally Posted by sc1989 View Post
i'm pretty sure they use new towels each time at least that's what i saw, when I went i was the only the only person, but bro that is a very valid point, but from what I have heard/seen these guys do a lot of super cars ranging from the bentley to the ferrari but that doesn't mean they are perfect...but from what I saw they used new towel/clothe etc...i got to admit i enjoyed watching the attention to detail and how literally every part of the car got cleaned but ya bro valid point
I hear ya on convenience etc. just hard to believe it would be consistent and there's zero grime transfer. It only takes one pebble of dirt to scratch it. I've seen the best of these hand washes and always catch them at one point reusing towels between at least two cars or sharing buckets of water amongst cars. The Ferrari and Bentley guys couldn't be bothered maybe to self-wash.

Since then I've done two bucket self washes on all my cars or did a touchless wash if I was in a hurry.

Anyhow, just a suggestion really, and maybe a swirl here or there isn't the biggest deal anyways.