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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
Trust me on this brotha, do not let a "hand wash" car wash clean your car. Unless they are using brand new MF towels every time, that "hand wash" has been cleaning other cars and there's always a little grime that's carried over to the next car they wash that causes swirl, scratches, etc. IMHO, bad idea.

You're much better off doing a self-wash and touchless car wash during this season to try and keep her looking clean.
i'm pretty sure they use new towels each time at least that's what i saw, when I went i was the only the only person, but bro that is a very valid point, but from what I have heard/seen these guys do a lot of super cars ranging from the bentley to the ferrari but that doesn't mean they are perfect...but from what I saw they used new towel/clothe etc...i got to admit i enjoyed watching the attention to detail and how literally every part of the car got cleaned but ya bro valid point