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Originally Posted by sc1989 View Post
yea man, tell me about it, haven't driven since earlier prior to rain, and before that wed LOL long time for me, but in any case I found a reallly good hand-wash place in BK my cousin referred me to, went there myself and they did a spectacular job, its also right next to the shop I plan to get some work done at for the m3...which i found to be quite convenient in any case let me know, you may prefer washing yourself etc, but for me as living in the city thats not possible :/ well in any case let me know
Trust me on this brotha, do not let a "hand wash" car wash clean your car. Unless they are using brand new MF towels every time, that "hand wash" has been cleaning other cars and there's always a little grime that's carried over to the next car they wash that causes swirl, scratches, etc. IMHO, bad idea.

You're much better off doing a self-wash and touchless car wash during this season to try and keep her looking clean.