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Originally Posted by ///Machine View Post
Congrats. I could be mistaken, but it seems your hood is not perfectly closed on the left side - a common theme with M3s.
Nice ride, enjoy!
yup fixed it after i snapped the pics ...

u need to push down on that side more when latching the hood... unsure why but i noticed my sisters 328i does the same shit

Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris View Post
Really? I noticed mine has a hard time latching on the driver side. Is there a fix?

Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris View Post
Congrats. She looks pretty. Time to get rid of that chrome stuff.
Yup .. I have the AW side grills in my garage,, sister ordered the matte black front grills for me for xmas..

i have the winter tires/rims which im not putting on yet cause its 60 in nj for some odd reason..

I was gonna get the CF spoiler but i actually dont mind the white lip spoiler

tints, led interior light kit , dtec AE's for xmas, 8k hid upgrade bulbs (have from my z06)

gonna get coding done... thats really it ..

car is awesome .. 104 miles so far. i only got to drive it home from the dealer and around town for a little before having to do family stuff in brooklyn

getting used to the gear box... i also havent driven stick in a few months since i sold my z06 so getting into the habit again ...

I will get better pics tomorrow hopefully

Im sad its all dirty already cause it was raining... may give it a bath.. we shall c