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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
Hey everyone,

I am in the process of waiting for my new M3. It cleared customs yesterday so I am assuming that it is at the VPC today, or will be there Monday (depending on when they work).

My VPC question are...:

1. is the VPC open on weekends and do they work on weekends?
2. how would I know if the VPC had to do repairs on my car, prior to delivery?
3. the online "my bmw" page has not updated to "finishing touches", but WalleniusWillhemson site says it cleared customs. Is the BMW site delayed?
4. is there a way to contact the VPC?

Thanks in advance for everyones help!
Hi, so from what I read

1. the VPC in Newark aka port of NY is open on weekends
2. if the repairs were minor, you would not hear about it, the dealer would, if God forbid it was bad, or substantial repairs were required the dealer again would be informed and they'd inform you as well (extremely rare case so don't worry)
3. the bmw site is known to lag as is the 800-number, so I'd go with what W&W are telling you
4. I think there is a number, but I do not think they deal directly with customers etc, dealer should be able to put a call through, if it cleared customs and I see you are in Boston, i'd say a day-day and a half via truck and then it should reach your dealer, My 2013 M3 came the week after sandy legit, my boat docked that sunday in fact in Baltimore, they had to re-route and due to gas/truck shortages it took longer than expected to clear customs/make it on to a truck and finally reach NYC, soon my friend, very soon you will be wielding v8 madness.

hope this helped, read about q's 1-3 to help kill the wait, weeks ago