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Originally Posted by TVMA Doc View Post
A class mate of mine in Virginia tried that with CA plates. He made it PRECISELY the ten day limit, then began to get a ticket EVERY DAY until he found the time to get to the DMV to re-register the car for VA. He was busy in class and was even parking it in different spots/streets near his apartment-he actually called it "trying to hide it"-but the local PD found it EVERY time.

Get ready for a very expensive experience if you try to drive without the inspection sticker or with an out of state plate. Some states actually tie property tax to the stickers, so you can get hit with evading taxes if you try to get away without paying. CA moved to a "vehicle licensing fee" in lieu of property tax on cars, so at least it isn't a felony if you try to skirt the law.
Every fucking day??? Arlington is full of prius driving commies . I know cuz I live there