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The M5 sits 4 adults in comfort and their golf bags too while scaring the crap out of them at the same time. Why are we even comparing these 2 cars? Congrats to the OP on his purchase though i felt exactly the opposite of what he felt when i test drove the 991 C2S as a replacement for my M3. At the end of the day, go with whatever floats your boat. We spend an arm and a left nut buying these cars so the car must satisfy u!! I will re-visit the 991 once they release their GT3 variant.
I test drove the 991 about 4 times, I was kinda disappointed with the car in the first 2 drives, but then I was able to take it on a couple REAL test drives and I finally understood what a fine piece of machinery Porsche has developed. I just do not feel its worth 119k. Instead I bought something that looks and feels expensive, and priced similarly a 2011 r8 v10.