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And there goes my breakfast and lunch and corn...WTF when was the last time I had corn...and why am I throwing it up!
Sadly with great regret...I'm Persian. And as I understand from Iran's "freely elected" president there are no gays in Iran and ugly women are shot at birth!

OK that said I was having a drink with an X GF last night after yoga class and she put it this way to me.
"Women date the hot guys, but in the end marry the ugly guys."
Which had me very confused, because who wants to marry an ugly women? my deep friend curried goat cheese engineering friends aside.

Per her experience the reason many women marry so so men is simple.
When they are married to a so so man they can
1) Trust him...after all he's so so and well odds of him getting hit on by other women is very low and he won't cheat on you.
2) Push him around since he will know that is the best he has ever had.

Kind of fucked up if you ask me. But....such is life and it clearly explains why my friend is marrying a guy who is not her type / fugly.

So yeah i guess god does talk to me via the power of the vagina