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Originally Posted by benzy89
MY07-09 had known rod bearings issues that BMW redesigned & replaced (which probably explains the motor failure). Even ESS acknowledges this with a disclaimer at the bottom of the description for each of their S65 Supercharger kits:
This "known rod bearing issues" story all came from one vendor who kept blowing motors and was looking for an explanation that pointed blame somewhere else. Believe them at your own risk.

I understand ESS has this disclaimer, but I also know BMW hasn't change the part number of the rod bearings, and neither has the bearing manufacturer -- Mahle/Clevite-77. But I also know that the main bearing part number has changed, and that's got to tell you if the rod bearings changed, then so would their part number.

Originally Posted by benzy89
So for you to say ESS offers a kit capable of 775 on an '08/'09 with the original bearings, is INCREDIBLY misleading. Also, if you're gonna go LC & replace/upgrade the internals, what makes you think that the OEM bearings aren't gonna be replaced
I think both people are right. They are original bearings because there is nothing else besides the original BMW/Mahle/Clevite-77 bearings. They're also NOT original bearings because nobody would build a new motor and reuse the OLD bearings. So you see what I'm saying both people are right?

I've built my own motor. Those of us who built our own motors and measured our old '08 bearings can tell you they spec exactly the same as the ones you buy today.