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Originally Posted by Coltgus View Post
There is no way in hell any dealer would do the work for free or maybe that's too strong, it's a 100 to 1 shot. As far as being denied at 1 dealer and then getting approved at another either the 1st dealer didn't bother to try and get an approval or just didn't want to deal with the customer ( that could be the case if the customer had given poor scores on a CSI survey ). Of course I'm in Florida and only understand our dealers, maybe things are different where you live.
You might not be thinking of something. Honoring warranty items is mostly the decision of the individual dealership for most things.

In my case, I had a diff that was getting increasingly crunchy/grindy sounding. One dealer said that since I do driving events (predominantly autocross at the time) they would not cover it. Dealer two just replaced the diff, no questions asked.

Almost exact same story with a transfer case warranty on a 328xi that a friend was autocrossing.