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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
There are numerous cases on the forums of reversed BMW NA decisions.

A good dealer would stand by their customer and at least attempt to assist them with the process if that's what is required. You would think a dealer contacting BMW NA to argue on behalf of a customer would have a lot more weight than the customer on his own.

The dealer profit on the car I was attempting to buy (2013 M3) is likely greater than the quoted repair cost. Independent quotes for the same work were half the dealer quote; though I was told that the quote was "total BS" and that the only thing needed to be done was a new bolt.

There are a lot of things the dealer could do... besides what they have done.
It sounds like they're shopping you. Unless the carrier is bent (which I doubt very much that it is) that bolt could simply be extracted and replaced. I've seen these a few times from cars that have been tracked, not saying you have, but it's possible that it has broken from a agressive shift.

The damage to the fuel tank and what looks to be the brace (not sure if its an E93) could be from improper lifting. Possibly the lift pad slipping off the lift point.

Like I said, just get them to extract and replace the bolt, and they should at least good-will the $5.00 bolt and 1 hour labour.

I know at the dealership I work at, we would be on your side the whole way.