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Originally Posted by 1LRM3 View Post
Sorry to read about your issue... certainly upsetting to say the least.

This saying seems to be the quote of the month for me.... so i just try to focus on personal good health for those close to me i guess the rest is just money.
yeah but hopefully we can get some good coming towards us in a bit.

Originally Posted by tbonem3 View Post
sorry to see that.

I usually protect/take care other people's property before i protect mine. I wish everyone else lived by this rule.
YES! ^ that is exactly how I feel, but some people just dont care.

Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
I'm sorry to the OP. This is why all of us have these dumbass parking policies and procedures. Parking a million miles from an entrance etcetera. If I believe I'm gonna be in a parallel parking situation, I leave this car home and take my Honda. It sucks but hey, I don't want to flip out. People just can't drive and don't give a shit. It's a shame you can't just enjoy the car.
I know that now

Originally Posted by passing View Post
i say leave it. makes your car look tough.

Originally Posted by pepsih View Post
op try to get a dashcam on your car

you could get all the informations of the car that backed up.
What kind of dashcam is that? Im looking into some.

Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post the champagne and start dancing. Euro bumper and insurance to pay for it !!!!
haha good way to look at it