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Originally Posted by burakkose View Post
m3 exhaust stuff always diversifies into a million aspects, akra is great sound, performance and quality material. some will vote for other stuff "as they like".
in the end it's all about what YOU like and not us.

with all my good will, all I can suggest to you is to get a loud axle back and nothing else, or get a relatively quiet exhaust with x-pipe.
akra evo drones, tried, tested. performance? did not really feel the advantage of the weight reduction. but that's my opinion anyway.
i think 99% of the complete systems drone. it disturbs me, but you may like it.
imo i like the tone of m perf and akra slip on. i hate drones. imo the other too loud exhausts look like a peugeot 106 gti with really loud exhaust mods....
It does not drone and most others with the Evo would agree, though that is subjective so maybe you are particularly sensitive. As for performance, weight reduction is a small part of that (nice to have but hard to notice.) The real benefit is from the x-pipe and it delivers material gains in hp and torque (not the only x-pipe with this bene...)

The Evo is too expensive new IMO, but I was patient and got decent prices on both the rear section and x-pipe separately. At the end of the day hard to argue with the quality, sound (just right volume and tone), fit, and is very light.
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