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Originally Posted by Pontrelli View Post
Again not saying if OP did road hazzard the car or not..but the evidence doesnt seem to be in his favor.
Why? The two pictures posted show a tiny scratch on the fuel tank and a 1/4" abrasion to the side of the differential. The pictures were taken with flash to try to capture the detail which was hard -- in person it is even less noticeable. I spoke to several independent shops today; the mechanics I spoke to agreed that BMW's claims were absurd and told me the so-called "damage" cited as cause was completely negligible and obviously normal wear and tear. All started laughing (at the claim the pictured damage would be responsible for a sheared 10.9 diff bolt) when I showed them the pictures. I'm not sure what you see different, but I guarantee you I could find scratches and dings on the underside of your car. Remember there is no exhaust & muffler damage whatsoever and I was told by the dealer that the car was "perfect" "not abused" and "obviously well taken care of" and more to the point the shop foreman told me "that they couldn't figure it out, never seen a broken bolt before, no signs of abuse whatsoever, but a BMW FSE happened to stop by and decided there must have been impact"

The way it looks is: dealership submitted $6K warranty claim; BMW FSE showed up; found some random scratches, and denied warranty coverage. Fair? Hope it doesn't happen to you.

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