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Let the MODDING begin on my 2013 MW E92 M3!

My first few mods

These by far are the most important mods I think should be on the car before anything else. I highly recommend getting them and have it done by Protech. Cause that's where I went and they provide excellent service!

1- Clear Bra (currently only have the front bumper, hood, roof, front fenders, side mirror caps and side skirts done. The rest of the car will be done in the next few weeks )
2- Window Tint (35 all around)

Next on my list of mods will be:

1- Painted Reflectors (waiting for delivery!!!)
2- Black Kidney Grills (waiting for delivery!!!)
3- Front Lip and Diffuser (still looking around)
4- Wheels (currently drooling over the HRE S101) and a drop (thinking KW v3)

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone. Yes, I know. Horrible quality. Waiting for the rest of my parts to come in and I will provide quality pictures.

Stay tuned! I won't dissappoint


Been MIA for a while, but here is an update:

Skipped 1 and 2 and jumped straight to 3. Picked up a replica Arkym diffuser and the fitment was HORRIBLE! Better to stick with the genuine piece guys. Trashed the replica and picked up the real deal!


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