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Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
n/a v8 is different to a turbo 6 to throw in gas consumption when your trying to get as much power out is absurd. Im currently running 93 50/50 E85 and am getting 19 miles to a gallon, im making 400+ hp 450+ tq.... not caring

Exactly. I get shit mpg's on my car and I don't even think twice about it. I'm sure the Vette will yield better gas mileage.

Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
Looking at the Vette on the street, the car looks extremely long. I wonder how much the hood weighs.. I bet a CF hood would do wonders.

As someone else said, the hood is really light. We sat and opened it up and it weights nothing. It's huge and bulky though...had a hard time seeing over the sides of it. Kinda felt like I was driving a bat mobile.

Originally Posted by derrick603 View Post
They look long, but they're actually very close in length to a 911. IIRC, the C6 is actually an inch shorter than a 997.
Are they really the same size????? Hard to believe.

I guess it may be true as the 997 has rear seats and the engine in the you have a lot of car behind the drivers seat.

The Cayman however...that's a nice car! I would buy a Cayman S ASAP!