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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
Neither of these are muscle cars in the 1960' sense. The Vette of course is a true sports car and does everything well except for it's interior and the Mustang GT (I assume you mean GT not RT) handles and stops pretty darn well. It's easily the best handling car in it's segment.
Nope. It's the 5.0 which is the GT. I drove the RT version which includes an intake, wheels and the Roush exhaust.

Was not a fan. I felt like Vin Diesel in the F&F movies...

Originally Posted by Scootguy58 View Post
What's "everything else"? Great ride, A/c, heated seats, great brakes, fantastic torque?? When zooming down the road, one does not pay much attention to the cruddy plastic and grade B leather.....
BTW..we have both, an E93 (hers) and a Z06 (hers and mine). There is totally a different mindset when driving one vehicle or the other, as they are both sporty, but in totally different ways. Both cars have been tracked on HPDE events. One is like "this is really great..let's go flat out" and the other is "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!..Crxp! Let's do that again!"
PS: I am sixty five and have owned and driven everything from VW's to Volvos, BMW, plenty of GM's, Nissans and even a Lincoln Mark VII (cool!). The Z and the E93 happen to be the nicest to own and drive.

The 2013 3 series loaners that I have had are just not right!

The new 3-Series doesn't do it for me at all...

But the Vette actually really surprised me. It was really nice inside and very built around the driver. I was impressed.

Originally Posted by Das_Stig View Post
i just can't get behind the looks on the modern muscle cars.. but i am a corvette fan, wouldnt mind taking one for a test drive. maybe i should see if i like it on the road rather than jsut visual appeal

You should go over to a Chevy dealership on a slow day and take one for a spin. It's totally worth the hour you'll spend.

Originally Posted by mccannable View Post
I wish I liked them, that's a hard price to beat.

My thoughts exactly. To get that type of performance from a German'd have to blow easily $90k.

The 997 S starts at around $95k+...even the GTR is over $90k and the maint on the GTR is STUPID!

Originally Posted by boostbuddy View Post
I guess MPG isn't entering into this discussion. I like my power and efficiency too.
Don't know how you guys are getting such good miles. I have an E92 335i and I get 19mpg on a good day.

The Vette is something like 18city 28highway - which I thought was really good for a car with an engine of that size.