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Originally Posted by dapopa9 View Post
Ok cool makes sense. Yeah I'm speaking from a track junky perspective. What is the typical cost of the exhaust valves, guides, port the head?

It also seems that a good idea is an upgrade to the oil sump/pump system to prevent the oil starvation issue in high G turns.

Are there any other issue that are common on the C6 Z06's that most track guys modify right away for reliability?
If you get an 09+ Z06 you dont have to upgrade oil sump since they have bigger tank

Typical cost is roughly $1800 if you have WCCH port your heads with better exhaust valves and bronze guides. You could also get a set of PRC 265 heads for $3k(ported head, new Ti intake valves, new exhaust valves and guides) and then sell your stock heads for $1200 which nets about the same. Many have gone with this PRC option.

Im not aware of any other issues, perhaps get better brakes but from what i hear stock brakes do the job. I have pushed my car twice this summer on this 120 mile mountain road with crazy turns and brakes held up fine(it was 103+ degrees both days)