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All I did was disagree with you and make some grammatical errors without spell checking them. I told you truth, things don't always go your way. If I could help you on the repair I would, but I cant. So the best thing I can do is tell you the truth. Though you may not think that its fair, its the truth. If you want to sell the car get it fixed, inform the customer of the repair and move on with life. Starting up a post in which people are going into how dealers are scam artist and such really just gets you more upset and won't solve the problem. To think that there is no way on earth that you could have hit something just isn't realistic. Is it really worth all the headache just to have a car you want to drive sit? I dont know its your car its my opinion. If the truth isnt what you want to hear what can I do? If BMW sent out the inspector and the inspector says they will not cover it, thats what it is. Calling headquaters is going to give you a headache. Im talking to you from guy to guy man not trying insult you or belittle you or anything of the sort. I dont want to pay $700 for a battery, or $300 for a headlight, or when my check ingine light comes on and I have to kick out $70 bucks even when it warranty but it happens. This is like going to court to fight a parking ticket, because you only there for five minutes. I'll catch you guys later its Friday night.