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GM claims its not an issue but we have seen some Z06s with failed valves that basically can ruin your entire engine. This has been mainly seen on tracked cars with 20+ hours of track time.

GM still claims its less than 2%...You could somewhat compare this to the E46 M3 with Vanos failure. I'd compare to E9X M3 but i never owned one so really not sure if it has any failures?

If you're a trunk junky then it'd make sense to upgrade the exhaust valves and guides but might as well port the head at that point.

When i bought my Z06, i thought i'd never get bored of its power and woulndt mod the engine so i ended up buying GMPP warranty(fairly cheap, 5 years/75k miles for $1500).

It appears i was wrong on nod modding the engine lol

Originally Posted by dapopa9 View Post
Hey Mookster I'm not real familiar with the C6 Z06 but appreciate your posts here! Can you provide me more detail on the "you must get new exhaust valves and guides at least or you're asking for a lot of trouble" idea?

Is that a week spot on the Z06 or a failure point?

Thanks for the info!