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I just know customers, and in my opinion the guy hit something he's fishing for info to use to make his case. Like I said I hope he gets his way, if you cant get a repair covered by BMW warranty its great saves money, the dealer gets paid everybodies happy. To sit around thinking that thier is a conspiracy to deny his claim, cleverly orcas trated by the dealer and the claims department, is absurd. Trust me its not even worth the aggrevation to go to the dealer start a confrontation about your car, which sounds like what happened here.
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It sounds like your personal feelings about sales people are the reason your choosing to to insult I did not respond to this to insult the guy. Logical people are able to understand that everything that happens to them is not someone elses fault all the time. BMW are machines and they break like every other machine in the world. Why else would thier be a service department right next the sales department at every auto retailer on the planet? Going though all the aggrevation of trying to "fight it" calling BMW NA calling the BBB is probably not worth it. If he likes the car and see's a value in it just get it fix and move on with life, thats all I am saying. People that work at dealers arent alway "out to get you" they have a job to do the same way you do, and it sounds like the SA was just doing his and it caused the guy to go off the deep end and question the ethics of the dealer he choose to go to.
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Bvanderbuilt, I am not hiding or attempting to insult you. It sounds like you hit something that's all. I did take the time to google you or send any emails about you or anything of the sort. Based on what you wrote it sounds to me meaning in my opinion that you hit something. Maybe you didnt hit it that day, maybe you did I dont know. People are entitled to thier opinions and my opinion is that it sounds like you hit something. Thats all I have to say about it. Yes I do work at a BMW store you can check out my rating, I am Certified and have a 99% percent customer satisfaction rating at BMW as well as I take care of my customers and when they need to hear the truth I just give it, because thats all they really pay me for. The truth. Hope you get it fixed under warranty some how just like I said before.
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It sounds like you hit something and your trying to get BMW to cover your car, I see this alot, with certain customers. Its like the guy who gets a free car wash and comes back to complain about his car not being clean enough for free. Bimmers are expensive to maintain, If you can get it covered by BMW warranty more power to you.

PS. There is no such thing is a mint car, maybe a mint commic book or a mint trading card, but a car no.
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