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Originally Posted by konaforever View Post
A ticket.
I tried Googling for examples

"You know this just occurred to me actually, for the last 5 years my father has been running Italian plates front and back on his Ferrari 360 Spider, he picked the car up at the factory in Italy and drove it over there for 2 months. He was stopped once in Alabama of all places, and all the cop wanted to do was say nice car. He has the regular plate in the car, he scratched it all over some brick and has always said if anyone ever said anything he would just say it fell off!"

Seems like there is little to lose. You might get a ticket if you get a cop in a bad mood. Especially if you get one of those replica plates that has your state and numbers on it, cop would have to be in a really bad mood. Wouldn't work for folks that live in cities where people are always checking plates/tags for permits or non-registered out of state drivers (DC is notorious for this) but might well work for the weekend driver in the 'burbs especially if the car is garaged privately.

I do a lot of work out of my home state for long durations and sometimes my state inspection/registration lapses for months until I can get back home. I've had cops behind me at lights with two month out of date registration sticker in their face and never an issue.