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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
For your uses, the 6D will serve you very well. There are some other small reasons for some to go to the 5D MkIII, but IMO it's if you really need the AI Servo mode and/or the 61-point system. Now that I've lived with the MkIII's AF system for a few months, I couldn't live without it for birds in flight and other fast moving subjects. I'd be useful for any sports photography, but not essential unless that is a large portion of your shooting.

"Action shots" of childrens' sports doesn't really require the MkIII's AF system. It could be helpful, but you could get by with a much less sophisticated AF system.

Exactly why I've scaled back my purchase plans to the 6D. That, and I can get the 6D much sooner as it's 2/3 the price. Much of my photography is landscapes and low light. I use only the center focus point on my 7D, so there would be 60 bored focus points on a 5D MkIII in my hands.

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