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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
It was not a direct comparison; the analogy is in the following proposed commonality: BMW for years denied a known problem experienced by multiple customers and falsely denied warranty claims on basis of abuse and accident damage.

The takeaway is that BMW is known to deny claims for known warranty issues. Some people want to come in the thread and say "BMW is right, why would they say it was accident damage, if it wasn't?" Well, look at the past.

Welcome to Life, it's not just BMW, every car company (as well as other products) try and limit their liability and deny claims. Point is, you have to prove otherwise, which is going to be very difficult. Honestly, I would laugh if you came into my office presenting a mathematical equation to justify the bolt shearing. There's just wayyyyyy too many variables involved when you're driving down the street. But more power to you.