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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Again, you did hit something. You call it a pebble, but you really don't know. You say anything strong enough to sheer a diff bolt would cause more damage than the (minor, I'll admit) documented damage to your car. Unless you're going to get a paid expert engineer on a witness stand, this is just your word, vs. theirs.

I never said the damage to your car was a "strong case" for an association, enough to deny your claim. Just that it is indeed an association.

exactly; and I do expert witness auto work, so I am speaking from experience. And I would also bill you more than it would cost to have it repaired; Somethings are just not worth the headache.

OP can't prove anyhting, but neither can BMW> That said, they as a biz owner should repair the car to keep a customer, but alas no one gives a shit nowawadys.

But the important thing to note is that the OP can't prove anyhting so the dealer can say pound sand. the only hope here is that the OP is annoying to the point the dealer just fixes the car to get rid of him
OP may have better luck parking the car on the street near dealer broken w/ sign on it bad mouthing them.