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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
But your conclusion that I hit "something" (post #33) was based off of relative statements that aren't actually relevant after simple analysis (post #69). I don't.. understand how that's a "strong case" when it wouldn't even be credible enough to make it past discovery.

Must.. get.. work.. done.
again, good luck, but I really value my time and it costs me a lot of money so I would just fix it first; that being said, if just the bolt sheared off this is relatively a cheap fix. Put a new bolt in and make sure there is no other damage and be on the way, or if the dealer is adamant that something was hit, then report it to your insurance company. It shouldn't be a collision claim, moreso comp, but I am not getting into the whole comp versus coll thing here. But this is why you have insurance. Either way, again, good luck, but you're fighting City Hall.