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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
No. I think threads like this provide for a more objective viewpoint, one that you should really consider.

The two parties with direct involvement (you, and your dealer) both have financial interests at stake, which can potential cloud objective judgement. I have no financial stake in your situation, and can only analyze the facts as you present them. I (as well as others) came to the analysis that the dealer has a strong case to support their denial. Regardless if that's "right" or "wrong". It is the objective conclusion. Not arguing.
But your conclusion that I hit "something" (post #33) was based off of relative statements that aren't actually relevant after simple analysis (post #69). I don't.. understand how that's a "strong case" when it wouldn't even be credible enough to make it past discovery. That's why I assumed you were just being contrary.

Originally Posted by m3an
clunking is very normal; driveline lash is needed, and the m-clunk has absolutley nothing to do w/ this
There's the problem.. clunking from the driveline is normal in the E9X but sounds very different than the E46 M3 clunk. The sound I was hearing and I believe others reported hearing before diff. bolt failure sounded like the E46 M3 clunk. People keep saying "clunking is normal" but they are two very different sounds obviously with different outcomes.

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