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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
you are driving a car on public roads w/ many variables that unfortunately a simple (or drawn out as above) equation won't really hold any water. Again, you as the owner need to prove what happened to the dealer. The burden of proof always lied w/ you. You keep saying you're right, but who can prove what happened? It's already been discussed these diff bolts are def weak, but you're so admant that you're right, yet you're still on this forum proving you case to a bunch of strangers. Go tell the dealer; b/c if you're so confident in your case they would've fixed the car already. Good luck
I posted to get advice.

I'm collecting contrary viewpoints. Useful exercise. These threads always bring out people who just want to argue with you because they enjoy being contrary.

I have a very good relationship (at least with sales) with the dealership. I buy a new BMW from them every two years. My goal is to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible for the process to resolution before I begin the process, and my goal is to hopefully preserve that relationship. There's nothing wrong with knowing you are in the right and knowing your options. I come from a family of litigators; there are three attorneys in my immediate family. I simply don't accept (and see no reason to) personal loss unless I am in the wrong.

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