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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
I respect your viewpoint but I honestly can't fathom how you think this way. The only damage to the differential is in the photograph. So we are talking about a 1/4" area of abrasion.

We know the material (aluminum), a professional engineer would know the exact type, it is then simple to calculate impact velocity to cause that kind of deformation. Because the deformation is so minimal that value is low, associated with a rock or pebble. So that's X.

We know the material of the bolt (high tensile steel), an engineer can calculate exactly the force required to shear that bolt at that thickness (in non-technical terms, A LOT). That's Y.

So we know X < Y. Dealer claim is invalid. For some of you that's not good enough or for some reason you want to speak in relative terms that are not objectively true, which really confuses me, e.g. "there is some damage." Well yes, there are rock chips on the bumper too.

We can then calculate the deformation of the aluminum differential cover when impacted with Y amount of force. As lay people we speculate with some confidence that it would destroy the entire cover. An engineer would be able to tell you exactly how much, that's Z.

So we know that X < Y, this is objective. And we know that to get Y we would have needed to observe Z, but we don't observe Z, we only observe a 1/4" abrasion.

When it is so objectively cut and dry that you're in the right, why would you "move on"?

you are driving a car on public roads w/ many variables that unfortunately a simple (or drawn out as above) equation won't really hold any water. Again, you as the owner need to prove what happened to the dealer. The burden of proof always lied w/ you. You keep saying you're right, but who can prove what happened? It's already been discussed these diff bolts are def weak, but you're so admant that you're right, yet you're still on this forum proving you case to a bunch of strangers. Go tell the dealer; b/c if you're so confident in your case they would've fixed the car already. Good luck