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A quick Google search of your user ID tells everyone your name, job title, and which dealership you work for. You opened this conversation by accusing me of being a liar. To summarize what you said: "I don't know what the pictures mean, therefore I have no basis for the statements I am making, but I think the customer is wrong in general and he is lying" Do you think it's a good idea as a CA to come on the internet while you work and call a BMW customer a liar? You answer that for me.

Logical people do not accept personal fiscal loss when claims are made against them that do not stand up to cursory scrutiny or basic physics.
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I love how this now turned into a BMW vs Customer thread..the pictures that are posted are spotty at best..BMW has every right to deny claims due to abuse and road hazzard..this saves us ALL money in the long run..If OP is in the right he will be cleared and have his repair covered..end of story