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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
A quick Google search of your user ID tells everyone your name, job title, and which dealership you work for. You opened this conversation by accusing me of being a liar. To summarize what you said: "I don't know what the pictures mean, therefore I have no basis for the statements I am making, but I think the customer is wrong in general and he is lying" Do you think it's a good idea as a CA to come on the internet while you work and call a BMW customer a liar? You answer that for me.

Logical people do not accept personal fiscal loss when claims are made against them that do not stand up to cursory scrutiny or basic physics.

saying it doesn't stand up to basic physics is a stretch as there is def noticeable damage (albeit hard to see) to the finned/heat sink on the diff. That being said, yes it's def plausible somehting could've impacted it under the car and other variables may have contributed to the bolt shearing. It may or may not have even happened in that order. The main thing to note is who can prove what happened. At the end of the day, the dealer is a privately owned company under the BMW NA flag, so it's your word against there and many people just suck. If it were me, to keep a customer, they should eat the repairs and push it through warranty or BMW NA. But some people again suck and think that they'll just push you away and not worry about it. But again as the other guy was saying, it's def not a 6k repair, so how much aggravation is your time and money worth?

Solution= move on, find a good indy to fix the car much cheaper and be done w/ it.