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Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey View Post
You know I meant to type lol . The typo was funny and I can laugh at my own errors. Im not trying to tell you I dont hope it works out Im just saying the way it sounds to me. Yes I do work near you, and it sounds like maybe you think I have a personal feeling about your car I dont, just my opinion. Looks like you have a 6k bill thats all it happens. Again I hope buy some stroke of luck you can get it fixed under warranty, but the idea of speading the "Evil Scum Bad Guy Dealer" rhetoric is a bit much. You win some you lose some.
A quick Google search of your user ID tells everyone your name, job title, and which dealership you work for. You opened this conversation by accusing me of being a liar. To summarize what you said: "I don't know what the pictures mean, therefore I have no basis for the statements I am making, but I think the customer is wrong in general and he is lying" Do you think it's a good idea as a CA to come on the internet while you work and call a BMW customer a liar? You answer that for me.

Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey
Logical people are able to understand that everything that happens to them is not someone elses fault all the time.
Logical people do not accept personal fiscal loss when claims are made against them that do not stand up to cursory scrutiny or basic physics.