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Personal Feelong about dealers and sales people

Originally Posted by Gfunk720 View Post
You obviously did not the read the thread, or are not a very logical or technically minded person. My guess is you likely work for a dealership.

Sucks OP, as there clearly is no substantial damage to the diff. As others have said, a hit hard enough to sheer that bolt would have damaged the diff much more signficantly as well as other things around it.

I'm surprised that the large number of failures related to this part still hasn't changed how BMW deals with these failures. Either way your dealership sounds like a bunch of clowns trying to take advantage of you. $6000 to replace a sheared bolt
It sounds like your personal feelings about sales people are the reason your choosing to to insult I did not respond to this to insult the guy. Logical people are able to understand that everything that happens to them is not someone elses fault all the time. BMW are machines and they break like every other machine in the world. Why else would thier be a service department right next the sales department at every auto retailer on the planet? Going though all the aggrevation of trying to "fight it" calling BMW NA calling the BBB is probably not worth it. If he likes the car and see's a value in it just get it fix and move on with life, thats all I am saying. People that work at dealers arent alway "out to get you" they have a job to do the same way you do, and it sounds like the SA was just doing his and it caused the guy to go off the deep end and question the ethics of the dealer he choose to go to.