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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
OT but so is this thread. Allow me to take a crack at guessing who has what:

attitude = LITOS
intensity = LITOS
openness = LITOS
tact = Wife
humor = Wife
people skills =Wife
lemme fix it for you:

attitude: Litos
intensity: Litos
openess: Litos
tact: Litos
humor: Litos
people skills: Litos

seriously. my wife is real quiet and real reserved. she hates her job and doesn't have enough fortitude to go and talk to someone about promoting her or giving her more money.

she's not very open either - if i take her to a "car meet" or some kind of event where all of my friends are there, she literally won't talk to anyone that doesn't acknowledge her first. not because she's a bitch, but because she's just a clam. it gives the perception that she's a bitch, but in reality, she's just extremely shy.

humor: she's funny, but she's only funny when it's us two, at home and hanging out together. once she gets out of that element, she gets uncomfortable or something. people become funny based on funny/sarcastic comments one would make during a conversation, but if you're shying away from any conversation, you ain't funny HAHA !!!!

people skills - again, she's just way to shy and reserved to have any sort of communication with people she's not faimilar with.

i could literally make friends with the devil, but that's my openness and people skills that i was dealt with....