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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
The senator may (incorrectly?) beleive that we would be passing control from the US to the UN, based in Geneva.

Then if someone in the UN makes a determination (say, that home-school building have to have t-bars and ramps or the disabled kid can't be home-schooled, even if he is visually imparied and doesn't need a ramp) the senator has no recourse within the US senate to amend that ruling.
Based on the admittedly odd comments made by the senators to explain why they voted no, this explanation above sounds the most likely to me. They thought that by signing it, they are superseding ADA legislation in favor of the UN control, and all the valid issues brought up above.

I know it refutes the tired old left-wing narrative that all Republicans are evil and mean-spirited, but it sounds to me like it's a case of ignorance, not hatred. Obviously still not good, but at least ignorance can be fixed more easily than a cruel streak can.

I still stand by my original idea that if it really makes no difference, why waste the time to vote on it at all. If the UN wants to copy the good bits of the ADA, then I'd hope politicans of all stripes who were involved with the creation of the ADA would make time to meet with them and help them build an even better, "ADA 2.0", to help the disabled elsewhere, but why go thru the motions of voting on it.