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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
Again, you could do that "damage" with a pebble. I already gave my reason for not wanting to file an insurance claim. No engineer would declare that any sort of impact that caused such minimal damage would be capable of shearing a 10.9 bolt; this would not hold up at trial for five seconds even without compounding the evidence of numerous bolt failures reported by other owners. As someone already stated an impact with the force required to shear a 10.9 bolt would basically destroy the entire differential cover. Do you work for my dealership?
A pebble is not going to stove in a part of the undercarriage like that..and it could have been just enough to get things to have enough play where the bolt sheared off..the rubber the diff bolts are housed in also contibute to the play in movement

Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey View Post
It sounds like you hit something and your trying to get BMW to cover your car, I see this alot, with certain customers. Its like the guy who gets a free car wash and comes back to complain about his car not being clean enough for free. Bimmers are expensive to maintain, If you can get it covered by BMW warranty more power to you.

PS. There is no such thing is a mint car, maybe a mint commic book or a mint trading card, but a car no.
Agree..between those who launch abuse their cars and road hazard their cars..BMW has to sift through the legit and not legit claims..if they cover it for the OP then good for should not just be carte blanche to do anything in this car then expect BMW to "cover" it